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I finished my rewatch of Alias finally. Took me a whole 11 months.

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Polling here because I may not go with the most voted for plot bunny. I am however very curious as to which of these people would be most interested in. Also, while the crossover would be awesome, it is the one I am most concerned about.. I'm not sure what I'd do with the plot!

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Zach is awesome and got me a slushie. Berry flavoured. I mentioned to him before that I was craving one, so.. XD

Anyway, poll time! I'll post whatever gets the most results after my Darkworks/writing session with Zach. tomorrow after much sleep.

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In other news, I had a 4 hour nap after uni. It's now midnight. And Zach didn't wake me, nor did he buy us food. Luckily he figured we can make pancakes from what we do have lying around here (which really? not that much). So pancakes for dinner, it will be. I think they're savoury pancakes. Can't wait to try them! :)
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+ Just got spoiled for Glee thanks to someone from facebook. FML.

+ Going to do some fic posting and hopefully some writing too in the next hour or two, before Zach gets home.

+ I'm thinking of doing a claim at [livejournal.com profile] 7_crossovers. As such, poll time!

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