Sep. 5th, 2014 09:18 am
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Does anyone know where I can access scripts for Defiance (or Continuum)? I need them for an upcoming assignment. If I can't find them, I'm going to have to change topic.

Thank you!
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WRIT2250 Writing: Grammar
WRIT2100 Creative Writing: Poetics
RELN2300 A History of Hinduism
RELN2204 Meditation

12-12.50pm - WRIT2250 (lecture) - Prentice Building (building 42, room 115)
1-2.20pm - WRIT2250 (tutorial) - Michie Building (building 9, room 801)
5-6.20pm - WRIT2100 (lecture) - Parnell Building (building 7, room 222)
6.30-7.50pm - WRIT2100 (tutorial) - Michie Building (building 9, room 803)

Flexible delivery for RELN2300 and RELN2204.
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LING2110 English Through Time and Space
RELN1000 World Religions
RELN2301 Buddhism
WRIT2011 Writing Religion & Spirituality

10-10:50am - LING2110 TUT - Zelman Cowen Building 51, Room 207

9-10:50am - LING2110 LEC - Forgan Smith Building 01, Room E302

Rest of units via flexible delivery!

*subject to change; however, this will likely be my final timetable for the semester
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As posted on facebook:

We got home from uni today to discover a new sign out front of our place, informing us that from tomorrow we can comment on the proposed redevelopment of our apartment building. FML.
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I have a presentation due. I've written neeeeearly all of it, just have the last 400 words left (part of that will consist of 500 words I've previously written and will break down into 100 words max, if all goes well). The presentation requires me to talk about my short story and the research I put into it. For this particular story, that means talking about:

+ Cynogriffins
+ Psychology in relation to my characters
+ Wicca: rituals, circle casting, summoning creatures

I'm more or less good with all that... except for summoning creatures. Is there anywhere you'd recommend for getting info on the following, or do you have answers for the questions already?

For the sisters to summon the creature, would they have to cast two circles? One for them, and one in which they would conjure the cynogriffin? To suit the logistics of Megan stepping back and breaking the circle, would this mean that to break one circle is to break both? Or will this part of my story need to be changed?
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10-11:20am: WRIT1110 Creative Writing: Narrative (LEC): John Hay Building #80, room 2171, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012
12-1:20pm: WRIT1110 Creative Writing: Narrative (TUT): Hartley Teakle Building #83, room C516, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012, not taught on 27/02/2012

4-4:50pm: WRIT1005 Fundamentals of Writing (LEC): Schonell Theatre #22, room 201, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012

2:30-3:50pm: WRIT1005 Fundamentals of Writing (TUT): Michie Building #09, room 220, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012, not taught on 29/02/2012

5-5:50pm: WRIT2050 Creative Writing: Genre Fiction (LEC): Parnell Building #07, room 222, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012

12-1:20pm: WRIT2050 Creative Writing: Genre Fiction (TUT), Hartley Teakle Building #83, room C416, 27/02/2012 - 02/06/2012, not taught on 02/03/2012

To do list

Jan. 19th, 2012 09:35 am
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Over the rest of January:

+ Type up writing.
+ Write more (20k goal for January!)
+ Get down word counts.

+ Finish beta work and send it back.

+ Edit/post review for Camille.

+ Swap bank. in progress
+ Get a library card.

+ Finish resume updates.
+ Job search.

+ Buy uni textbooks.
+ Sell (some) old uni textbooks.

+ Get vacuum fixed or look into a new one.

+ Vitamins.

+ New shoes.
+ New shirts (with sleeves).


Dec. 14th, 2011 07:23 pm
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So, yesterday I posted about graduating from my Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) at QUT.

Today, I'm here to tell you that I GOT IN and next year I will be going to UQ for a dual degree in Journalism/Arts (where Zach is also studying, and we're intending on taking some of the same units). XD

Much excitement happening lately.
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I'm officially finished my first uni degree! The certificate should arrive in the mail sometime after the 15th. XD

The degree is a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary).

Also, I'll find out if I get in for UQ either on the 15th as well, or in January.
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Done! And I have more than 24 hours left before I have to hand it in. XD

*goes in search of next assessment piece to work on*

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