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+ Should I start writing a blog? - a post for writers.

+ Being Alive: Mostly About Diana - a post by Neil Gaiman on the death of Diana Wynne Jones. (She will be missed. She was one of my favourite authors in primary school; I loved Homeward Bounders.)

+ I have potentially awesome news, but til it's no longer potential I'm hesitant to mention anything more about it. Update on that later.
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+ Sam/Jack Friending Meme! Welcome to those I met through this meme! (
*nudges* flisters who like Sam/Jack and haven't commented there.) :)

+ I'm dying from lack of sleep just a little bit. Going to go rest awhile (hopefully sleep too, but I'll be happy with just some rest if sleep won't come).

+ Shall be teaching Zach ([livejournal.com profile] solaris242) some LJ formatting stuff in a bit. Head over and friend him if you'd like. He's pretty much the male version of me in many ways (but add a lot more knowledge of science-y stuff and gaming, and yeess, he's male and all that). Note that he's not been around much on LJ so far. I'm trying to get him into it and help him find some communities and such to join. So there should be more posts soon, if all that works out okay. There shall be much poking to ensure he does do it (though he did ask me to help out a bit with it, so might not need the poking).

+ Someone poke me and ensure I post more fic sometime today. *nod nod* MUST. POST. MOAR. FIC. *nod*
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I was going to make a post an hour or so ago, but then I forgot. I can no longer recall what I was going to post about. As such, here are a few gifs.




And I'm going to finish on this one, as it's what I'll be doing once I sign off.

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*hugs flist* I wasn't really around today other than a few challenges at various "land" comms. I miss you guys! Off to bed now, though. I have an appointment with a counsellor and then a doctor tomorrow! Additionally, I've just taken a sleeping pill and my head suddenly weighs a tonne. So. Flist catch ups later. Poke me if I've missed anything important.

To Do List

Dec. 6th, 2009 08:18 pm
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+ Eat. Not eating tends to lead to extra drowsiness and falling asleep at weird times despite having already slept for plenty of hours. It also leads to blacking out which may just happen if there's no food eaten in the next ten minutes or so. Had a pie & vegies - and then a sausage on a bread roll that Bec gave me. :P
+ Make RL plans. Been sleeping too much due to boredom sinking in. Need something to look forward to and stay awake for. In progress.
+ Read the writings sent by friends and get back to them.
+ Centrelink. Should be getting the "away from home" rate but I'm not. *falls*
+ Christmas shopping. Four gifts bought so far.
+ Job search. One office job applied for.

+ Cut flist back a little more (comms, not personal journals). In progress.
+ Update profile. Done! Profile layout also changed.

+ Edit [livejournal.com profile] scifibigbang in preparation for posting date of Dec 9.
+ Decide what to write for [livejournal.com profile] jossverse_bb and get started on it.
+ Post more fic to LJ.
+ Update fanfiction.net. Started, but still a fair few fics to go!
+ Keep up to date with [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout spreadsheet so it's not left to last minute with typing fic and getting final word counts for the year. Also need to find out how many words I need to hit 200K.
+ Clear As Day (Mac/Stella)
+ Where It Matters (Cal/Gillian) First 5 chapters done.
+ Christmas drabbles.
+ [livejournal.com profile] tm_challenge. 2 short fics complete!

DVDs/TV downloads
+ Watch the rest of Better Off Ted and other recent downloads.
+ Stargate SG-1 marathon.
+ Finish third Firefly marathon for the year!
+ Rewatch Tin Man.
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Little tipsy (one drink... according to the bottle it was 1.7 standard drinks). I also have chocolate fudge from teh Ekka which is sooo good. It even looks like the protein bars in the first episode of Firefly!! Not the most pretty lookin' things but that only makes it awesomer IMO. :D

my night )

On another note I have one single page of Twilight left before I'm finished the first book! Finally! LOL. I bet you can guess what I'll be doing once I've made this post! ;)
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+ Just watched the latest released ep of Dollhouse with the aunt, uncle and cousin. Adelle's dead friend one and teh pretty horses. *nod nod* Am loving the ad they put up for next episode. Carrots! Hee.

+ Internet is way too slow tonight. It's taken nearly 2 whole minutes to load the 'make a post' page. *pouts* Think I'll spend the night watching DVDs and doing some writing rather than dying of frustrating waiting for stuff to load. Will try the frustrating thing out a bit later. Maybe it'll go back to normal speed. *shrug*

+ On another note, no uni tomorrow! Ekka holiday! Yay! Also date. Yup.

+ On yet another note, the holiday is a really good thing as I forgot to hang out my washing this morning and will have to redo it. *facepalm* Then that's also bad as I'll need clothes for tomorrow. Lucky I'm not due to go out til 5:30pm! I hope it's a sunny day so my stuff will dry. *crosses fingers*

Hope you're all well!

Questions of random
1. What's the funniest thing you've heard today?
2. Are pink frogs edible?
3. What goes best with peanut butter?
Note: The last two questions are not connected in any way.
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+ At Ipswich with Bec. 'With' in the sense that she's in the other room, asleep. *takes random photos while she sleeps and posts them on facebook* But yes. :)

+ Have just watched eps 1xo4 through to 1x10 of The Big Bang Theory. Am not really shippy with it yet.. I do like the idea of Leonard/Penny, but then Sheldon/Penny *glomps [livejournal.com profile] rightxhere.. hmm. I'm torn at this point lol. It's such a cute show though. Howard/Moist!! /Dr Horrible. Want to see moaaar! ♥

+ I was able to slip "juggling geese" into a conversation without it sounding too out there. YEY! Thank you, circus at Ipswich. :D

+ The door to this room won't close without making really loud awkward noises. *glares at it* At this current point in time it's not fully closed because I don't want to have to go through trying to close it. It must be killed.

+ I have a mandarin. *discreetly tackles [livejournal.com profile] willow_reece* Have been throwing it up into the air and catching it between typing stuff and watching stuff and yesss.. Is that weird?

+ Must. Post. Fic.

+ Downside to (potentially) moving here.. my internet tends to be crappy and slow. I'll have to look into that further. *pout*

+ What does "chipper" mean anyways? Who goes around saying "Hi, I'm chipper. How are you?"!? Seriously. It's like... wood chipper! I don't know. lol
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+ I've just had one of those rare moments where for a few seconds everything felt so right, like nothing could ever go wrong. Reality is rather different of course, but it's a nice change from the blahness of late. I'll likely stick around another few hours before sleep cuz I'm quite wired now. :)

+ All Mac/Stella fans must read this fic: Sense Of Touch. It has spoilers for 5x24 (yes, I've gone and gotten myself spoiled *rolls eyes* lol) and is just so freakin' brilliant. It's a big part of my sudden happy!mood. Of course Mac/Stella fluffy fics always turn me to mush. They seem to have some kind of power over me, not that I'm complaining.. ♥

+ Word count for year so far (though I have 10 bits of paper with writings to type up still) is 70,204 words.

+ Still loving Drop Dead Diva and 10 Things I Hate About You. (Guilty pleasure shows kinda lol. I'm loving them just a tad too much.) Anyway, I just watched one episode of each of those and two episodes of Standoff which I've missed sooo much. Have been close to pulling out BSG but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow or the like. Instead I'll be watching some CSI NY before I sleep (and hopefully have shippy dreams ♥).
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+ HUUUUGE frakkin' exciting news but I can't tell anyone what it is yet.

+ Just ate a banana with peanut butter. Pretty damn good. Would've been better with ice cream but ice cream tends to melt and so is less good for being a secret food stash item kept in a non-freezer environment. *pout*

+ I miss Sam/Jack and early SG-1.

+ I was talking with Bec about moving in with her Read more... )

+ I wish there was more time in each day. Read more... )

+ I feel like I'm neglecting the fandomy side - fic in particular - of my LJ. I used to post a fic every day or every second day. Now it's much less frequently and I'm still stuck writing drabbles and short pieces.

+ Throat is still getting ticklish off and on. Driving me nearly to tears of frustration at times though really it is not that bad.

+ Tis the beginning of a new week: two late nights at uni, one early morning and one lecture I'd skip if the aunt wouldn't disapprove or think something is wrong. *ded*

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